Combining Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Sensory Integration Principles: An Approach to Pediatric Therapy



Therapists often face the dilemma of determining the most effective intervention for treating the specific needs of pediatric clients. This insightful, 175-page professional resource will show the clinician how to use a combined approach of NDT and SI therapy to best meet children’s special needs. The text-written by Erna I. Blanche, M.A., OTR; Tina M. Botticelli, M.S., PT; and Mary K. Hallway, OTR-contains an extensive discussion of NDT and SI. The authors wrote this book because combining these two of the most utilized pediatric treatment approaches had become second-nature to them. Therapists will discover detailed assessment guidelines to help them determine when a combined approach is most useful. This book includes reproducible checklists for the clinician to use to evaluate clients’ sensory and movement disorders. Case studies also are included to demonstrate the effectiveness of using a combined approach to remediation. Additionally, the therapist will find chapters that describe how to use the combined approach to treat children with specific disorders, including:*

sensory processing dysfunction


cerebral palsy

fragile X syndrome

Down’s syndrome

This text also contains 29 activities to save clinicians preparation time and motivate their clients. Each activity is clearly illustrated and outlines the problem areas addressed, the sensory and motor focus, and suggested modifications. Try Wheelbarrow Bowling, Magic Carpet Ride, Spider Glider, and more.