Drama Scripts for People with Special Needs


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You may wish to use drama in a teaching or group situation but lack either the confidence to speak in character or the time to develop a role and/or workshop. This book solves both of these problems by providing the words to speak, an established well-worked lesson plan to use and an easy format to follow for multiple adaptations and future dramas. If you have experience of using drama, the ideas in this book will inspire and assist your creative lessons. Intensely practical and hands-on, this is a book of scripts and drama-workshop breakdowns designed especially for people with special needs, including those with PMLD or Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Each script format and workshop plan has been fully worked with groups of varying ages and abilities and includes valuable notes of experience – documenting lessons where the unexpected happened and how it was handled. As with any group of special people, getting to know their needs is paramount in order to gear the drama towards their specific requirements, however, these script formats are guaranteed to work even on a first meeting! Just follow the script as written or substitute the characters and situations themselves to create limitless drama possibilities