Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents


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Resiliency Scales for Children & Adolescents™ A Profile of Personal Strengths (RSCA) is a tool to profile personal strengths, as well as vulnerability in teens and children


  • Build positive psychology into assessment practice through strength identification and enhancement.
  • Use separately, together, or in conjunction with other symptom-based measures to obtain a balanced view.
  • Identify children who indicate low personal resources or high vulnerability before emergence of symptoms.
  • Compare a child’s experience of personal resources with his or her experience of emotional reactivity.
  • Easily interpret and discuss results with children, teachers, and parents.


Scales are comprised of three stand-alone global scales of 20 to 24 questions each and ten subscales.

  • Sense of Mastery Scale: assesses optimism, self-efficacy, and adaptability.
  • Sense of Relatedness Scale: assess trust, support, comfort, tolerance.
  • Emotional Reactivity Scale: assess sensitivity, recovery, impairment.
  • Scales focus on strengths as well as symptoms and vulnerabilities.
  • Third-grade reading level allows use with those who have special needs, including reading difficulty.
  • Normed and compatible with the Beck Youth Inventories Second Edition to link a Resiliency Profile with specific symptoms for more targeted treatment planning.