Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile Kit


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Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile® helps measure sensory processing patterns and effects on functional performance. An individual answers questions regarding how he or she generally responds to sensations, as opposed to how he or she responds at any given time.

Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile is useful in a variety of settings and offers a research-based, family-centered approach to sensory processing, from birth to geriatric.


  • Understand the complexities of a client’s sensory processing.
  • Gather critical sensory information related to home, school, and work, and evaluate possible contributions of sensory processing to the client’s daily performance patterns.
  • Design strategies for managing daily life.
  • Understand how a parent’s sensory ability can impact a child with sensory difficulties.
  • Identify and develop a client’s awareness and strategies to optimize the desired sensory environment.


The Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile includes 60 items (15 items for each quadrant). These quadrants cover the sensory processing categories of Taste/Smell, Movement, Visual, Touch, Activity Level, and Auditory.

  • Generates an individualized profile of sensory processing across the four quadrants.
  • Quadrant scores represent patterns of sensory processing as described in Dunn’s (1997a) Model of Sensory Processing.
  • Reproducible charts provide an intervention matrix across the four quadrants and six sensory processing categories.
  • A theory-based instrument to measure sensory processing.
  • Non-intrusive, easy to administer and score.