Early Repetition Battery Kit


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Assess phonological and morphosyntactic processing abilities in 2-6 years.

Non word and sentence repetition tasks have been identified as clinical markers of Specific Language Impairments (SLI) and children’s performance has been found to correlate with a variety of language measures in both typically and atypically developing children.

The tests consisting of two expressive tasks:

PSRep (Preschool Repetition Test) – assesses children’s recognition, recall and production of real words and made-up words. Children are introduced to a puppet, and are then asked to copy what the puppet says. After two practice items, the child is presented with 18 words and 18 phonologically matched non-words. One point is awarded for each word correctly repeated, with a maximum of 36. Standard scores and percentiles are provided for total performance.

SIT (Sentence Imitation Test) – children are required to repeat sentences, assessing for length and syntactic complexity. Standard scores and percentiles are provided for performance on whole sentences, content words, function words, and inflections. Additional optional analyses of errors are included.

The ERB can be used on three levels.

Level 1 is used to identity children for referral and as part of the first stages of assessment. It can be used by teachers and SENCOs.

Level 2 and 3 analyses the child’s performance in greater depth, identifying areas of strength and difficulties. This level is designed to be used by Speech and Language Therapists.