The Phonological Awareness Test 2 by Carolyn Robertson & Wanda Slater



Ages: 5-0 through 8-11
Testing Time: 10-20 minutes

The Phonological Awareness Profile is an individually-administered, criterion-referenced test designed to diagnose deficits in phonological processing and phoneme/grapheme correspondence. Assess students’ phonological processing and phoneme/grapheme correspondence. Use the test as a pre- and post-measure to track improvement in phonological awareness. The profile serves to complement other comprehensive measures of reading ability. Test results help you plan intervention programs.

Six tasks help determine the student’s phonological awareness: rhyming, segmentation, isolation, deletion, substitution, and blending. Three additional tasks assess knowledge of phoneme/grapheme correspondence: graphemes, decoding, and invented spelling. Administer the entire test or select skills of interest.


  • Phonological Awareness
    • Rhyming discrimination and production
    • Segmentation sentences, compound words, syllables, and phonemes
    • Isolation initial, final, and medial sounds
    • Deletion compounds/syllables and phonemes
    • Substitution with and without manipulatives (you supply the blocks)
    • Blending compounds/syllables and phonemes
  • Graphemes
    • consonants
    • short and long vowels
    • vowel and consonant digraphs
    • diphthongs
    • r-controlled vowels
    • consonant blends
  • Decoding
    • VC and CVC words
    • consonant blends
    • vowel and consonant digraphs
    • dipthongs
    • r-controlled vowels
  • Invented Spellingrate the spelling of words according to the logical representation of the sounds in the words