The Phonological Awareness Test 2 Kit



Ages: 5-0 through 9-11
Testing Time: 40 to 50 minutes
Administration: Individual
Scoring: Manual

The PAT-2:NU is a standardized assessment of phonological awareness, phoneme-grapheme correspondence, and phonemic decoding skills. Test results help educators focus on those aspects of oral language that may not be systematically targeted in classroom reading instruction.

The test has six core subtests (Rhyming, Segmentation, Isolation, Deletion, Substitution, and Blending) that measure students’ awareness of spoken syllables and phonemes in students ages 5 through 9 years of age. The test also has two supplemental subtests (Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondence and Phonemic Decoding) that measure students’ knowledge of sound/symbol correspondence in isolation and in practice in students ages six years through nine years. The test is comprehensive and includes a wide variety of tasks; performance on each of these tasks has been correlated with success in early reading and spelling. The straightforward, developmental format lets you easily tease out specific skills and plan effective interventions.


  • Rhyming: Discrimination and Production-identify rhyming pairs and provide a rhyming word
  • Segmentation: Sentences, Syllables, and Phonemes-divide by words, syllables, and phonemes
  • Isolation: Initial, Final, and Medial-identity sound position in words
  • Deletion: Compound Words, Syllables, and Phonemes-manipulate root words, syllables, and phonemes in words
  • Substitution with Manipulatives: isolate a phoneme in a word, then change in to another phoneme to form a new word
  • Blending: Syllables and Phonemes blend units of sound to form new words
  • Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondence: assesses knowledge of sound/symbol correspondence for consonants, vowels, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, r-controlled vowels, vowel diagraphs, and diphthongs
  • Phonemic Decoding: assesses general knowledge of sound/symbol correspondence to blend sounds into nonsense words