Auditory Skills Assessment


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ASA is a tool for early identification of young children who might be at risk for auditory skill deficits and/or early literacy skill difficulties. This screener provides accurate, developmentally based results to help determine which children may need follow-up, intervention, or further evaluation.


  • Assesses auditory skills critical to the development of oral and written language skills.
  • Serves as a low-tech, friendly screener for young children (no headphones or audiometer required).
  • Indicates performance across each domain on the ASA, which may indicate a need for further follow-up evaluation, immediate intervention/instruction in auditory skills, or re-screening.
  • Offers the youngest age range in a published auditory skills screening and can provide an early warning indicator.
  • Reflects best practices in behaviorally based auditory screening.
  • A perfect companion to routine hearing screenings within the given age range.