Greenspan Social-Emotional Growth Chart Kit


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Greenspan Social-Emotional Growth Chart (Greenspan) monitors the milestones of social-emotional development in infants and young children. Early identification of social-emotional deficits and compromises leads to more successful interventions.

Greenspan Social-Emotional Growth Chart is a questionnaire completed by the child’s parent, educator, or other caregiver to understand how the child uses all capacities to meet needs, deal with feelings, think, and communicate.


  • Determine the mastery of early capacities of social-emotional growth.
  • Monitor social and emotional functioning.
  • Establish goals for early intervention planning.
  • Monitor progress in early intervention programs.
  • Detect defects or problems with developmental social-emotional capacities.
  • Determine whether further assessment/referral is warranted and can assist in monitoring growth and planning intervention.


The Greenspan Social-Emotional Growth Chart has the following characteristics:

  • Includes 35 items ordered developmentally according to the the appropriate age group.
  • Items are rated using a 5-point scale and reported as cut scores.
  • Prior to mastering a more developmentally advanced behavior, the child is expected to show mastery in the less advanced behaviors that occur at a younger age.