Decades Discussion Cards 70s, 80s


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36 A5 cards featuring specific moments, individuals and events of particular significance during these two pivotal decades in the economic and cultural development of the modern world. The cards detail the surprisingly large number of inventions and innovations from that time which significantly shape our lives today.

Each card contains an image and related information. Subjects include:

  • 1970s:
    • Margaret Thatcher first woman Prime Minister of GB (1979)
    • Digital camera invented (1975)
    • Ray Tomlinson invented email (1972)
    • Mobile phone invented (1979)
  • 1980s:
    • John Lennon Assassinated (1980)
    • Royal Wedding (1981)
    • Aids Identified (1981)
    • Personal Computers (PC) introduced by IBM (1981)

    The cards can be used for reminiscence, storytelling, language development, discussion and as triggers for further research on each individual topic.Age: Adult