BASC-3 Parent Rating Scales Adolescent (12-21 years) Record Form


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BASC-3 uses a comprehensive set of rating scales and forms to provide a complete picture of a child’s or adolescent’s behaviour and emotions.


  • Differentiate between hyperactivity and attention problems
  • Identify behaviour problems as required by IDEA, and for developing FBAs, BIPs, and IEPs.
  • Strong base of theory and research gives a thorough set of highly interpretable scales.
  • Access to efficient and extensive reports using computer scoring and interpretation.


BASC-3 applies a triangulation method for gathering information. It analysis a child’s behaviour from three perspectives: self, teacher, and parent.

  • Teacher Rating Scales (TRS) measure adaptive and problem behaviours in the preschool or school setting.
  • Parent Rating Scales (PRS) measure both adaptive and problem behaviours in the community and home setting.
  • Parenting Relationship Questionnaire (PRQ).
  • Self-Report of Personality (SRP) provides insight into a child’s or adult’s thoughts and feelings.
  • Student Observation System (SOS) enables clinicians and other qualified observers to code and record direct observations of a child’ behaviour in a classroom setting.
  • Structured Developmental History (SDH) offers a comprehensive history and background survey that supplies a thorough review of social, psychological, developmental, educational, and medical information on the child.