Nepsy II Record Forms 3-4 years


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The NEPSY–II is the only single measure that allows the clinician to create a tailored assessment across six domains, specific to a child’s situation in order to answer referral questions or diagnostic concerns. The results provide information relating to typical childhood disorders, which can lead to accurate diagnosis and intervention planning for success in school and at home.

Features and benefits: 

  • Cover six domains: Social Perception (NEW), Executive Functioning/Attention, Language, Memory and Learning, Sensorimotor Functioning, Visuospatial Processing.
  • One of the most important improvements is its age extension – for ages 3-16 years – to follow treatment and progress from the primary years to secondary school.
  • No longer do you have to use various subtests and tasks from many tools.

With the integrated NEPSY-II you can:

  • assess executive functioning
  • vary the number and variety of subtests according to the needs of the child
  • link results to education difficulties
  • facilitate recommendations for mental health interventions
  • obtain a comprehensive view of quantitative and qualitative patterns of neuropsychological performance.

Most common usage is for:

  • Core assessment – provides a brief evaluation across all six domains
  • Diagnostic assessment – in-depth assessment based on referral problems/questions or diagnostic concerns
  • Selective assessment – selection of certain subtests based on clinical need
  • Comprehensive assessment – comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation