Purr-fect Skills: A Social & Emotional Skills Programme for 5-8 Years



A practical resource to teach children in primary and early years the social and emotional skills they will need to function appropriately both at school and at home.

Much research has shown that all pupils need to become emotionally literate, developing social and emotional skills to control and modify their own behaviour. Emotional intelligence, according to Daniel Goleman (1996) is probably the most powerful predictor of future life success, together with resilience (Martin Seligman, 2004) so children can be persistent, overcome frustration and be able to meet a challenge wherever they are. Such skills and attitudes are more easily acquired when the child is emotionally literate and secure at the outset. Psychologists working in positive psychology think that all aspects of life need to be embraced and that coping with risk and challenge are actually good for us. Stress and adversity are things we all experience and children need to learn how to manage such challenges as early as possible. The Purr-fect Skills programme can help to support this as part of a whole school approach at all levels. It can be used as part of the nurture group curriculum, or form one element of such an approach, targeting children who may present as most vulnerable within learning and social contexts. The programme has now successfully been delivered in a range of special and mainstream contexts since it was first devised in 2000.