Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition (KTEA-3) Kit A


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Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement Third Edition (KTEA™-3) is an individually administered battery that provides in-depth assessment and evaluation of key academic skills.

Empower all your students to succeed and receive a deeper understanding of achievement gaps with the new KTEA-3.


  • Evaluate academic skills in reading, math, written language, and oral language.
  • Measure progress or response to intervention and identify learning disabilities, and adjust instruction based on performance.
  • Identify learning disabilities and achievement gaps.
  • Motivate low-functioning students using novel tasks.
  • Covers IDEA and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).


KTEA-3 maintains all the important features of the KTEA-II with a wealth of new updates:

  • Dyslexia Index Scores for screenings, research, and inclusion in an assessment battery.
  • New subtests including Writing Fluency, Silent Reading Fluency, Math Fluency and Reading Vocabulary.
  • New norms for ages 4:0 through 25:11 and for grades pre-K through 12.
  • Mapping to Common Core Standards to assist with compliance issues.
  • Behavioral checklist and intervention suggestions for parents and teachers.


  • Phonological Processing (PP)
  • Math Concepts & Applications (MCA)
  • Letter & Word Recognition (LWR)
  • Math Computation (MC)
  • Nonsense Word Decoding (NWD)
  • Writing Fluency (WF)
  • Silent Reading Fluency (SRF)
  • Math Fluency (MF)
  • Reading Comprehension (RC)
  • Written Expression (WE)
  • Associational Fluency (AF)
  • Spelling (SP)
  • Object Naming Facility (ONF)
  • Reading Vocabulary (RV)
  • Letter Naming Facility (LNF)
  • Listening Comprehension (LC)
  • Word Recognition Fluency (WRF)
  • Oral Expression (OE)
  • Decoding Fluency (D