Mentoring Activities Box



The Mentoring Activities Box is a flexible, full colour resource designed for use with young people in a mentoring setting. After using the initial profiling resources, the mentor can focus on particular areas, depending on the needs of the young person. The 44 resources are organised into 11 themed sections: profiling; review; behaviour; self-confidence; bullying; friendship; decision-making; attendance; body image; family change; and bereavement. Each resource has full instructions in the accompanying booklet, and a corresponding slotted, colour coded picture card. A card is selected and placed over the box tray. The young person ‘posts’ their answers into the appropriate slots and their choice is then discussed. The slot resource is especially useful when working with autistic young people who will avoid eye contact. The unique design on the Mentoring Activities Box gives young people the chance to think about their problems before talking. This helps them to feel less daunted by the prospect of discussing difficult issues and creates an environment where they feel able to ‘open up’, enabling a mentoring relationship to develop. This is an ideal resource for use in all schools or within other therapeutic environments by social services, youth workers or foster parents.