Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment (FDA-2) Kit


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Ages: 12 years to adult normed to 97, Testing Time: 20 minutes, Administration: Individual

FDA-2 includes new powerful knowledge about motor speech disorders and their contribution to neurological diagnosis. This updated edition remains a well-established test for the measurement, differential description, and diagnosis of dysarthria. It can be used in research, as well as all clinical settings.  The client is rated on a number of simple performance tasks related to speech function. It is divided into eight sections:

  1. Reflexes – Ratings for cough, swallow, and dribble/drool
  2. Respiration – Ratings at rest and in speech
  3. Lips – Ratings for at rest, spread, seal, alternate, and in speech
  4. Palate – Ratings for fluids, maintenance, and in speech
  5. Laryngeal – Ratings for time, pitch, volume, and in speech
  6. Tongue – Ratings for at rest, protrusion, elevation, lateral, alternate, an in speech
  7. Intelligibility – Ratings for words, sentences, and conversation
  8. Influencing Factors – Includes hearing, sight, teeth, language, mood, posture, rate (words per minute), and sensation