DAT For Selection Technical Ability Booklets


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DAT for Selection – Technical Abilities Battery   Helps to recruit staff to junior managerial level, specifically those being hired for technical positions.

DAT for Selection – Technical Abilities Battery reflects the different aptitudes required for technical positions.  Test-takers can complete all or a number of the FOUR discrete sub-tests

Numerical Reasoning

  • How well can you understand ideas expressed in numbers?
  • How clearly can you think and reason with numbers?

Abstract Reasoning

  • How well can you understand ideas that are not expressed in words or numbers?
  • How well do you think out problems even when there are no words to guide you?

Mechanical Reasoning

  • How easily do you grasp the common principles of physics as you see them in everyday life?
  • How well do you understand the laws governing simple machinery, tools and bodies in motion?

Space Relations

  • How well can you visualise, or form mental pictures of, solid objects from looking at flat paper plans?
  • How well can you think in three dimensions?