MALT Stage 1 Booklets 6


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A tried and tested approach to mathematics assessment for ages 5-14. Nationally standardised on over 12,500 pupils, MaLT can be used at any time during the school year – for screening, monitoring and tracking progress, as well as for individual diagnostic profiling.

These nationally standardised tests – for groups or individuals – also yield diagnostic information which will directly support individual and whole-class teaching.

Purpose-written to highlight particular errors and misunderstandings which are diagnostic of key learning needs – counting errors, misconceptions with decimals, etc.

It’s Simple structure makes it easy for you to assess your pupils and get the information you need
– Key Stage 1 Teacher Manual contains all the key information in one place for MaLT tests 5-7

– All questions are mapped to strands to make it easy to see how well your pupils are performing and to provide the information you need

– Provides the summative measures of performance needed for screening, monitoring and progress assessment. MaLT tests have been standardised nationally, ensuring secure, reliable results

MaLT Year-on-Year Tests
-Take only 45 minutes to test a whole class
– Samples the full range of mathematical skills appropriate to each year group
– MaLT Tests 5-7 are presented orally to minimise reliance on reading, so that pupils with reading difficulties are not disadvantaged