Children’s Auditory Verbal Learning Test (CAVLT-2) Examiner Booklets


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Purpose: Measures auditory verbal learning and memory abilities

Age range: 6 years, 6 months to 17 years, 11 months, Administration Time: 25 minutes

The CAVLT-2 is composed of two free-recall word lists and one recognition memory word list designed to measure the extent of deficits in individuals with learning disabilities and brain trauma.

Features and benefits

  • Following the presentation of two free-recall tests plus a brief delay, retention is assessed by a second recall test of the words from the first list. Then, the examinee must decide whether each word presented in a new recognition list was included in the original word list.
  • Yields measures of Immediate Memory Span, Level of Learning, Immediate Recall, Delayed Recall, Recognition Accuracy, and Total Intrusions.
  • Raw score to percentile and normalized standard score conversions are provided.
  • Normative data are provided for 12 age groups and include learning trial scores.