Colour Card Activities 101 Ideas for Children & Adults by Vanessa Harrison




Compact and practical, this handbook contains 101 teaching and therapy ideas for using ColorCards photographic cards to develop language skills. * The activities are easy to set up, effective and highly motivating. * They are written in an easy to read style. Many include word lists and tips. * Organised into ten skill areas – attention; listening; understanding; auditory memory; sequencing; turn-taking; classification; expression; using language and life skills – these activities address all aspects of language learning. * Suitable for children or adults; in groups or for individual work. All the ideas are adaptable for specific therapy or teaching aims, and for different ages, interests and ability levels. * With guidance, the activities can also be used by classroom assistants, students and carers. The ColorCards series of photographic cards are a vital tool for language development. This hands-on manual gives further ideas for working with this versatile and fun resource, and will be invaluable for speech language therapists, teachers and early years professionals, special needs teachers, EFL/ESOL teachers, occupational therapists, psychologists and other professionals working with language.